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Hyperbaric Suite Talk

Aviv Clinics 2955 Brownwood Blvd. #100, The Villages

Our body needs oxygen to survive and create energy to fuel our day-to-day activities. We breathe without thinking, but it’s time to start thinking about what we’re breathing! Join Gary Warden, Aviv Clinics’ hyperbaric safety manager, for an insightful deep dive into hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Attendees will discover how the Aviv Medical Program harnesses the safe […]

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Stop Acting Your Age

Aviv Clinics 2955 Brownwood Blvd. #100, The Villages

It’s time to stop letting the number of candles on your birthday cake dictate how “old” or “young” you are. Age is just a number! Join Dr. Mohammed Elamir, Aviv Clinics physician, for an engaging seminar exploring how there’s more to aging than the how many birthdays you’ve celebrated. Attendees will leave with great information […]

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Maintain Your Brain

Aviv Clinics 2955 Brownwood Blvd. #100, The Villages

When it comes to your brain, you must use it or lose it. Doing “workouts” to maintain your brain are just as important as the workouts you do to maintain your physical fitness. The more you work out your brain the better you will be able to process and remember information now and in the […]

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Hyperbaric Healing

Aviv Clinics 2955 Brownwood Blvd. #100, The Villages

The most powerful healing mechanism we have is our own body. All we must do is give it the tools it needs to do the work. That’s where hyperbaric oxygen therapy comes in. Join John Langley, Aviv Clinics’ Hyperbaric chamber operator, dives deep into the inner workings of HBOT. John will go into detail about […]

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Fighting Falls

Aviv Clinics 2955 Brownwood Blvd. #100, The Villages

The best way to prevent a fall? Improve your balance. With each year that passes, recovery from a fall becomes even more difficult. Join Aviv Clinics’ physiologist John Horsley for an informative seminar on improving your balance to lower your fall risk.

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Fast Facts on Intermittent Fasting

Aviv Clinics 2955 Brownwood Blvd. #100, The Villages

Intermittent Fasting is a Lifestyle, Not a Diet. The brain and the gut are closely tied, so it’s equally important to understand WHAT you eat and WHEN to feed your body to provide the most benefit to your brain. Join Dr. Kevin Cooke as he discusses how you can recharge your brain and body through […]

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Managing Grief & Loss

Aviv Clinics 2955 Brownwood Blvd. #100, The Villages

If you’ve ever lost a loved one, you know how difficult and non-linear the grieving process can be. If you need help navigating grief in your life, then join Dr. Ben Lowry, Aviv Clinics’ neuropsychologist, for an insightful discussion all about grief. Dr. Lowry will discuss: The grieving process Common grief reactions The impacts of […]

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Flexibility on the Fairway

Aviv Clinics 2955 Brownwood Blvd. #100, The Villages

We’ve got a fun one FOOORE you—just in time to perfect your swing for summer. Join Aviv Clinic’s physical therapist Randy Brown for a special golf performance seminar. Randy will share secrets to enhance your golf game from a physical therapist's perspective. Discover the pivotal roles joint mobility and flexibility play in achieving a powerful […]

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