Stroke Recovery

Cindy regained her independence and many physical and cognitive functions she'd been lacking for years after her stroke. "Because of Aviv, I’m now walking without a cane. The fog and fear are gone. I got in a golf cart within six weeks from the time I started!"


Stroke Recovery

Keren, a mother of two, underwent an ischemic stroke, causing paralysis on the left side of her body, as well as cognitive issues that made her daily tasks difficult. After joining the Aviv Medical Program Keren said "the first thing I noticed was getting sensation back in my left hand. Then I began doing the crossword puzzles and sudoku I used to love. Today I even walk four kilometers a day! The Aviv Medical Program is like driving a Ferrari on the road to recovery versus driving like an old beaten-up car….”

Hope exists for stroke survivors with Aviv Clinics.
Speak with an Aviv team member to learn if you’re a candidate for the program.


Enhanced Performance

Dr. Joe Maroon is vice chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, head neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL team, and medical director of the WWE. At 81 years young, Joe Maroon joined the Aviv Medical Program and saw significant results in his physical and cognitive performance. And he's still running strong!


Recovering From Debilitating Long COVID Symptoms

When attorney and law firm COO Josh W. developed COVID pneumonia in 2021, it was only the beginning of his struggles. He suffered from excruciating nerve pain and other symptoms that left him unable to work for more than a few hours a day and distanced him from his family. Now, he's back on his "A-Game" at work and at home after completing the Aviv Medical Program.


Age Better and Live Life to the Fullest

Carl and Vickie Eckert were experiencing cognitive and physical decline and couldn't keep up with the activities they loved until they found Aviv Clinics. Today, they're active, healthy, happy and enjoying all that Florida retirement has to offer.


Healing from Long-COVID symptoms

"My life is back to normal, but on a higher level than before", says Patrick Bol, who overcame the symptoms of long COVID and regained his peak performance after undergoing the Aviv Medical Program.


Healing from TBI and Fibromyalgia

Sean is a disabled Army veteran who suffered from the lasting effects of Traumatic Brain Injury, and Patty struggled with Fibromyalgia and the pain she suffered daily. Now, both are feeling like they have a whole new life after completing the Aviv Medical Program to heal damage to their brains.


Healing Youth Post Concussion Syndrome

At just 14 years old, Linden suffered multiple concussions in basketball and soccer leaving her sidelined with lingering health issues. Watch how she regained her health and performance after taking part in the Aviv Medical Program to get back in school and on the field.


Healing from Concussion

When an accident left horseback riding champion Clarissa Rainey with significant injuries, including a concussion, she wondered about her future in her sport. Hear her describe how the first-class treatment at Aviv Clinics helped improve her memory and performance and get back in the saddle, literally!


Enhancing Golf Performance

English professional golfer, Tommy Fleetwood is a six-time DP World Tour winner and Ryder Cup player. To enhance his golf performance, Tommy decided to undergo the Aviv Medical Program to optimize his physical and brain health. Tommy saw significant changes in his overall performance. We want to congratulate Tommy for his recent win at 2022 Nedbank Golf Challenge, in South Africa and a fantastic season.


Recovery from Long-COVID symptoms

Long COVID caused an active healthy mom to transform into a mom who struggled to make lunch for her children due to confusion, numbness in extremities, vision troubles, and dangerously high blood pressure. Danielle G. felt hopeless — until she found Aviv Clinics. Now she's off all 13 medicines and ready to live life on her own terms.


Competitive Swimmer Success

Trice has been a lifelong swimmer dedicated to the sport as both an athlete and a coach. Over the last few years, swimming became more difficult due to injuries and an eventual hip replacement. Trice didn't believe she'd ever be back to her competitive speed. After recently completing the Aviv Medical Program, the 74-year-old is back in action, competing and winning just seven months after hip replacement!


Healing from Lyme Disease

Like many Lyme disease patients, Lyndi Scott-Strite experienced a long and difficult diagnosis process. Treating her illness was the next hurdle. After fighting her illness for years, she found Aviv Clinics. It has been over a year since Lyndi was treated at Aviv Clinics and she says she has feels the best she has in years.


Living Life to the Fullest

After her husband fell ill, Zizi struggled with the stresses of life and was no longer able to handle the physical and mental challenges she faced every day. After learning about the Aviv Medical Program, she decided she needed to take action and take control of her life. Now, her plans involve tap dancing until she's 120 years old!


Treating PTSD at Aviv Clinics

Andy's PTSD diagnosis and family history of stroke, along with Beth's recent surgery, prompted the two Army veterans to enroll in the Aviv Medical Program. Watch them tell the story of the benefits they saw with the personalized care provided through the Aviv Medical program.


Recovery from cognitive symptoms of Long-COVID

As a corporate professional, Vered relies on her brain to be her most important asset. She was diagnosed with long COVID and suffered negative cognitive effects, including forgetfulness, brain fog, and more. After participating in the program - she feels like an "upgraded version" of herself.

Aviv Clinics Florida Improves Quality of Life

Aviv Clinics in central Florida is changing the lives of patients of all ages. The unique medical program is helping people recover from concussion, stroke, TBI, PTSD, long COVID, fibromyalgia and the cognitive and physical decline related to aging.

Client Reviews:

Aviv HBOT was a challenging and rewarding experience. With over a year since completing all the dives/testing, I am still benefiting from the program. I have more energy, better oxygen utilization, less inflammation, and improved cognitive ability to name a few of the outcomes.
D Valcheff
I had a terrific experience with Aviv. They have an incredibly talented and helpful team of doctors, psychiatrists, physiologists, nutritionists and physical therapists, all of whom helped improve my cognition and quality of life. Aviv has exceeded my expectations.
J. Orr
Aviv Clinics has changed my family's life forever. Yes, the hyperbaric chamber is the treatment you're seeking and why you found this place to begin with. But, it's the people that make you choose Aviv and stay here.
R. Chacon
An elegant approach to medical treatments focused on revitalization of our most important asset the mind. Respectfully encouraging to see a facility with the ability to regimentally implement mechanisms of human anatomy for the purpose of slowing aging. A proactive and not reactive approach to address healthy individuals battling the degradation of time on Our bodies.
S. Fergus
I just completed 60 HBOT treatments over 12 weeks at the AVIV Clinic in The Center for Advanced Healthcare at The Villages, Florida. The program was great and provided me with many health benefits including measurable cognitive improvement, improved sleep, less discomfort from neuropathy in my legs and feet, improved diet, and an on-going exercise program. The staff is professional, knowledgeable, and very friendly. The facility is safe, modern, and uses state-of-art technology.
S Jacquay

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