Your brain’s superpower: Oxygen

Everything in your body depends on the brain. It’s the command center of your body – and it craves oxygen. While it makes up only 2% of the body’s mass, the brain uses over 20% of the oxygen we breathe in.
As we age, our bodies become less efficient at channeling that oxygen. This is why, as we get older, we start to notice our mind and body “slowing down”.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. The latest scientific research into oxygen treatments shows it’s possible to maintain and even regain peak physical and mental performance. The Aviv Medical Program is based on this research.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy involves breathing 100% pure oxygen in a special room known as a HBOT suite. The air in the suite is pressurized to above atmospheric levels, which increases oxygen levels in the body to 10-15 times higher than normal.

What makes Aviv’s HBOT protocol unique?

There are two key processes:

  • First, we increase the oxygen level you breathe through a mask in the HBOT suite. As you breathe it in, your bloodstream sends this oxygen to tissue in your body that has been deprived of it. Oxygen-saturated blood can bypass blood vessels which have become clogged or narrowed with age. This gives the brain the energy it needs to turbocharge the healing process.
  • Second, we fluctuate the level of oxygen you breathe when inside the HBOT suite. This variation in oxygen supply triggers your body’s own regenerative mechanisms.

What does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy do to my body?

Your body is capable of powerful natural rejuvenation. By combining these two steps, we’re essentially switching your rejuvenation processes on, while supplying the body with the abundant energy it needs to complete them. By the end of your treatment program, you should see a significant improvement in your mental and physical performance and feel better inside and out.

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Scientific References

This section contains medical information and is intended for healthcare professionals only

The following section includes references to studies carried out by the team at  The Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research in Israel as well as relevant studies done by others.

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