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Anti-Aging Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Shown to Reverse Aging Biomarkers in Humans

dr-mo-aviv-clinics by Dr. Elamir, MD , Physician
August 13, 2023

A landmark study in Israel has found that hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can reverse two key biological signs of aging in humans—the first study to ever make this finding. Published in the peer-reviewed journal Aging, the study shows it is possible to target and reverse the biomarkers of aging at the basic cellular-biological level. 

This breakthrough in the biology of aging provides scientists with a new foundation for investigating ways to slow the aging process. Learn more about the evidence-backed benefits hyperbaric oxygen therapy has for anti-aging potential.

The Two Key Biological Signs of Aging 

There are many common signs of aging. Analyzing aging biomarkers—the indicators used to assess the biological age of an individual’s cells and tissues—offers a clearer picture of the mechanisms behind the aging process. 

This groundbreaking study shows that “at the cellular level, there are two key hallmarks of the aging process:

  • Shortening of telomeres on our chromosomes: Telomeres are like the hardened ends of shoelaces. They protect the ends of chromosomes from deterioration. As we age, our telomeres naturally shorten, but a yearly decrease of their length by 20-40 kilobases is associated with serious illnesses. 
  • Accumulation of senescent cells: Senescent cells are cells that are still alive but have stopped multiplying. Over time, these cells can accumulate in the body, and their increase contributes to age-associated conditions. 

The pioneering research emphasizes the importance of addressing these factors when considering strategies to support healthy aging. 

In the study, patients aged 64 and older underwent a series of unique hyperbaric oxygen therapy anti-aging programs. Multiple blood tests conducted during the study showed “HBOT may induce significant senolytic effects including significantly increasing telomere length and clearance of senescent cells in the aging populations.” The results suggest aging in reverse is possible at the cellular level.

Given these promising findings, a medical program developed based on this study is available at Aviv Clinics in central Florida.


The “Holy Grail” of the Biology of Aging

A different study released in 2020 showed that HBOT also improves cognition. It found that “HBOT can induce significant enhancements in cognitive performance,” including attention, memory, processing speed, and other areas. 

Conducted over a decade of research, these findings led Dr. Shai Efratia co-author of the studies—to develop a unique medical program available at Aviv Clinics. 

According to Efrati, director of the Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research at the Shamir Medical Center in Israel: 

“After dedicating our HBOT research to exploring its impact on the areas of brain functionality and age-related cognitive decline, we have now uncovered for the first time in humans HBOTs biological effects at the cellular level in healthy aging adults.”

Efrati called telomere shortening “the ‘Holy Grail’ of the biology of aging” and developed the Aviv Medical Program based upon the results, testing, study, and research. 

“The significant improvement of telomere length shown during and after these unique HBOT protocols provides the scientific community with a new foundation of understanding that aging can, indeed, be targeted and reversed at the basic cellular-biological level.”


The Mechanisms Behind HBOT

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves inhaling medical-grade oxygen in a pressurized chamber, allowing for enhanced oxygen absorption into the body’s tissues. 

While atmospheric pressure at sea level is 1 atmosphere absolute (ATA), an HBOT chamber is pressurized to higher levels. The increase in pressure enables the lungs to take in a higher concentration of oxygen and diffuse it throughout the body more efficiently than at normal levels.


Aging is often associated with decline in brain and body function. By addressing various factors associated with age-related decline, HBOT has shown promise in reversing the biological markers of aging. Studies show this occurs where it counts the most: at the molecular level. 

Several “proven biological mechanisms by which HBOT may promote healthy aging” include: 

  • The formation of new blood vessels
  • A reduction in inflammation 
  • Enhancements in antioxidant defense systems
  • Prevention of many of the detrimental effects of aging cells
  • An increase in the number of circulating stem cells

By increasing oxygen availability, HBOT can support cellular and tissue function, as well as healthy regeneration in the brain and body. We now know that within the hyperbaric chamber, anti-aging transformations occur at the cell level.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Anti-Aging

According to internal medicine physician Dr. Mohammed Elamir, to reverse the aging process, four fundamental conditions must be met: 

  • Cell and tissue regeneration must be triggered.
  • Omnipotent stem cells, the building blocks of tissue regeneration, must be multiplied. 
  • New blood vessels must be developed. 
  • A supportive environment must exist for these processes. 

Through research on hyperbaric oxygen therapy for anti-aging outcomes, meeting these conditions becomes not only possible, but clear as well.

Study Findings on Anti-Aging Effects of HBOT

For the first time in human research, the study revealed that repeated HBOT sessions led to impressive improvements in telomere length and a decrease in senescent cells.

Research reports:

  • “Telomeres length of T helper, T cytotoxic, natural killer and B cells increased significantly by over 20% following HBOT.
  • “There was a significant decrease in the number of senescent T helpers by -37.30±33.04 post-HBOT.”

According to Dr. Amir Hadanny (co-author of the study), the pioneering study has: 

“Opened the door for further research on the prolonged cellular impact of HBOT to reverse the aging process. In just three months of HBOT, we were able to achieve such significant telomere elongation—at rates far beyond any of the currently available interventions or lifestyle modifications.” 

HBOT’s ability to increase available oxygen supply helps counteract the mechanisms contributing to cellular and tissue aging. Oxidative stress, one of these key mechanisms, “is a harmful process because it adversely affects the structure of cell membranes, lipids, proteins, lipoproteins, and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).” 

The body responds to the increase of oxygen “as a trigger, which instigates healing processes.” The increased oxygen levels delivered during HBOT play a pivotal role in helping to reverse the effects of oxidative stress at the cellular level. This indicates the powerful potential for hyperbaric oxygen therapy to reverse the biological effects of aging. 

There is also the potential for HBOT to be used as an anti-aging mechanism for skin care. HBOT may serve as “an important component in skin rejuvenation, treatment of photoaging skin, and improvement in skin complexions.”

By enhancing the body’s ability to heal, adapt, and regenerate tissue, this research shows HBOT can help to slow down the aging process and potentially reduce the risk of age-related decline. 

aviv clinics-hyperbaric-oxygen-center

Notable Individuals Who Have Pursued HBOT

Due to the impressive data-backed results, many notable individuals have decided to pursue HBOT themselves: 

  • Michael Phelps: 28-time Olympic medalist used hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help with his recovery from training. The high-altitude conditions and boosted levels of oxygen have aided in helping Phelps bounce back from his workouts and continue to win medals throughout his 24-year career. 
  • Justin Bieber: Having been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and dealt with drug abuse, the pop star regularly uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Bieber, who also mentioned he struggles with anxiety and depression, notes that HBOT helps alleviate his stress levels
  • Alon Day: The demands of professional racing are high, with reaction times measured in fractions of a second. Watch three-time NASCAR Whelen Euro Series champ Alon Day explain how the treatments offered by the Aviv Medical Program ensure he meets the sport’s high demandsboth mental and physical. Check out this video.

Maximizing the Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy with Anti-Aging Practices

A holistic treatment program to enhance brain and body performance, especially for aging adults, is ideal. While HBOT shows promise in its anti-aging effects, combining it with other strategies can further enhance outcomes:

  • Nutritional support: A well-balanced diet bolsters the body’s ability to generate healthy cells, synergizing with HBOT’s effects.
  • Regular exercise: Consistent physical activity complements the effects of HBOT by improving circulation and boosting energy metabolism. 
  • Stress reduction techniques: Techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, and yoga can promote overall well-being and health.
  • Cognitive training: Focusing on improving brain function can work in conjunction with HBOT to improve cognition. 

To achieve lasting anti-aging benefits, a commitment to consistent treatment and lifestyle changes is essential. Just as aging is a gradual process, the reversal of aging biomarkers requires practice and dedication. Sustained and noticeable anti-aging effects are observed with long-term commitment to holistic treatment plans such as the Aviv Medical Program. 

The Aviv Medical Program: What We Offer

The unique HBOT protocol from the extensive research outlined earlier is available in the United States only at Aviv Clinics. The Aviv Medical Program may include a combination of: 

  • In-depth review of health history
  • Comprehensive physical exam
  • Highly advanced brain imaging  scans
  • Neurological and neurocognitive tests
  • Body composition analysis
  • A detailed report of our assessment findings 
  • Cognitive training
  • Physical training
  • Dietary coaching
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)
  • A post-program report of your improvements and recommendations for future progress


Each patient undergoes extensive assessments and evaluations before, during, and after their HBOT sessions to monitor and analyze progress. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy offered at Aviv Clinics provides significant benefits, including a unique HBOT protocol that involves fluctuations in oxygen levels during the session. These varying oxygen concentrations are designed to trigger the body’s self-healing mechanisms more effectively. 

Under the guidance of leading experts in the field of aging research, the Aviv Medical Program is designed to empower individuals to embrace their healthiest, most vibrant selves as they age. Our commitment to personalized care and the latest scientific research ensures each of our clients receives tailored solutions that redefine aging within the building blocks of the body. 

Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

Aviv Clinic’s clients are a testament to the benefits our program offers. We’ll let these reviews speak for themselves: 

“I can’t thank the team at Aviv enough for helping me feel better than I have in over twenty years.  I have more energy, more focus and live a healthier and more fulfilling life. Your support and encouragement has made a total difference in my life. Thank you for all you do.” Barbara Christoph 

“My wife and I took the program together and had an amazing experience. Both of us are healthier and happier than before and are continuing on with what the program showed us. An amazing staff led by leading edge doctors who are second to none. I recommend this program to anyone suffering from the ailments of aging and loss of cognition.”  Andy Smith

“My goal for attending the Aviv program was healthy aging. I also wanted to manage stress better, address chronic back issues, gain weight and improve cognitively…I have experienced several unanticipated and unintentional benefits of the Aviv program: I have reduced my alcohol consumption. Never having been one to turn down a glass (or two) of wine, I just don’t have the desire to drink as much; My skin seems smoother and more supple. I am told I look younger and that is always nice to hear; I have made incredible friendships through the Aviv program and met some celebrity athletes and renowned physicians. I am particularly grateful to an orthopedic surgeon I met who was also participating in the Aviv program that helped me focus my attention on managing my osteoporosis.”  Zizi MacKinnon

A Comprehensive Approach to Healthy Aging

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy as an anti-aging solution holds tremendous potential. At the forefront of pioneering anti-aging research and treatments, the Aviv Medical Program offers a cutting-edge, personalized approach to healthy aging. 

Combining the capabilities of HBOT with advanced nutritional support, lifestyle modifications, physical training, and cognitive training, the program maximizes anti-aging outcomes. Get started on your journey to healthy aging with the Aviv Medical Program.

More information about Aviv Clinics, plus a tour of their Central Florida facility, can be seen here.

The clinic offers free phone consultations for interested individuals.

Aviv Medical Program provides you with a unique opportunity to invest in your health while you age

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