Dreaming about playing your best golf game?

Beyond physical demands, golf takes mental stamina to stay composed, confident, and controlled before and after every swing. But as we age, our brains and bodies can lose the laser focus that guides us along the green.

The unique and groundbreaking Aviv Medical Program helps to keep your mind and body strong so you can stay at the top of your game.

Aviv Medical Program

Designed to boost overall brain and body health, improving your golf capabilities.

The Aviv Medical Program is an innovative, evidence-based treatment that enhances cognitive and physical function and triggers the body’s self-regeneration capabilities to achieve peak performance.

During the 12-week program, clients receive a customized treatment program based on their individual physical, cognitive, and nutrition-based needs. The program can include a unique hyperbaric oxygen therapy protocol, as well as cognitive training, and fitness coaching and therapy, and a personalized nutrition plan.

Located in The Villages, Fla, there are a dozen championship golf and country clubs and more than 40 executive golf courses within just a few miles of Aviv Clinics, so clients can always find a time and place to practice their golf skills.

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Naturally Enhancing Golf Performance: Tommy Fleetwood

Golf Benefits of the Aviv Medical Program

Cognitive Improvements

  • Sharpened attention and focus for reading greens and ball placement
  • Faster processing and decision making for shot organization and planning
  • Improved mental clarity and patience to stabilize mood and provide clear shot visualization

Physical Improvements

  • Improved range of motion for better swing quality and ball contact
  • Faster physical recovery and less fatigue
  • Enhanced stamina, endurance, strength and mobility
  • Improved gait, balance and stability


Aviv’s board-certified physicians and clinical team conducts extensive assessments to create a personalized treatment plan for each client. Analysis includes evaluation of each client’s strength and stamina, body composition and range of motion. High resolution brain scans, as well as an in-depth cognitive assessment, reveal brain capabilities that guide processing speed, memory and attention. Dietary analysis identifies optimal nutrition for each client’s individual needs.

Elevate your performance and health to a new level.

Concierge Service
On and Off the Course

Aviv Clinics’ dedicated concierge services team strives to make your stay in The Villages® relaxing and productive, allowing you to focus on your golf game and health improvements. Our staff connects with the local community to facilitate every level of your stay and enjoyment of the Florida lifestyle.

Our talented team can connect you with multiple resources to enjoy your stay, including:

Tee times – Private or group lessons – Club fitting appointments – Daily, weekly, or monthly golf car rentals – Housing – Transportation – Meals or groceries – Entertainment, activities and more…

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Aviv Dubai Championship - European Tour players visit at the clinic

We had the pleasure of hosting European Tour players Jeff Winther, James Morrison and Connor Syme at our Dubai Clinic.

The players toured the facilities and spoke to our team about how the state-of-the-art protocols in the Aviv Medical Program can help them to improve their game performance.

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Brain performance and Golf

European Tour Chief Medical Officer, Dr Andrew Murray, and Prof Shai Efrati, MD, Chair of Medical Advisory Board at Aviv Clinics, caught up during the Aviv Dubai Championship to discuss the important role that brain performance plays in golf and the Aviv Medical Program.

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Your Best Golf Game and Health Begins at Aviv Clinics

Aviv Clinics is committed to keeping your quality of life and your game performance at its optimal potential.

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  • image of R. Hochman
  • "After going through the Aviv program, I didn’t get tired and frustrated as quickly as before. I could enjoy more time playing golf and consistently saw my score continue to improve. Best of all, I could drive the ball farther than ever before."

    R. Hochman

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