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How to Stay On Top of Your Game?

For centuries, athletes have sought ways to become faster, stronger, and more agile. In any competition, a difference of a mere millisecond or millimeter often makes the difference between victory and defeat. Regardless of the sport, achieving peak performance is the ultimate goal of every athlete. However, the intense activity needed to become a champion can create setbacks due to injuries and fatigue, delaying an athlete’s ability to return to competition.

The Aviv Medical Program is clinically proven to naturally optimize performance and enhance recovery from injury. Through a unique scientific protocol, Aviv Clinics is helping athletes at all levels to stay at the top of their game, compete at their full potential, and go for the gold.

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  • Enhanced Athletic Performance and Accelerated Recovery

    Aviv Clinics is revolutionizing athletic performance using a scientifically-backed medical program that can combine an innovative and unique hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) protocol with cognitive and physical training and nutritional coaching to transform the way our brain, body and cells repair themselves.

    The Aviv Medical Program naturally optimizes both physical and cognitive performance, allowing athletes to sharpen both their competitive edge and mental acuity. At the same time, the innovative protocols at the heart of the program also reduce lost time due to injury, allowing athletes to return to the field more quickly.

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Tommy Fleetwood, PGA Tour Player and 2018 Ryder Cup Winner at Aviv Clinics

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  • Benefits for Athletes - Enhanced Performance

    In published clinical trials, Aviv’s unique hyperbaric oxygen protocol has been shown to increase the efficiency of mitochondria, the power centers of our cells. By fluctuating oxygen levels, our protocol essentially acts as interval training for the mitochondria. Benefits for athletes include: higher strength and endurance because of improved anaerobic threshold, enhanced maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 max), and increased power from our muscles.

    Physical performance is only one part of the winning recipe for athletes—to stay on top of their game, athletes must be cognitively sharp as well. By naturally delivering more oxygen-rich blood to the brain, the Aviv Medical Program has been shown to improve coordination, attention, focus and processing speed. When a championship is on the line, every moment counts, and these cognitive skills are vital for reacting quickly and skillfully.


Alon Day - 3-time NASCAR Euro Series Winner

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  • Recover Faster - Get Back to the Game

    For athletes who play at an elite level, time is of the essence. Injuries may mean missing competitions or games while they wait to recover. Even a somewhat minor injury can have a major impact on competitive performance. Setbacks such as sprains, fractures, and muscle tears can sideline a player for weeks or even months, and can hinder performance for even longer.

    The innovative protocols used at Aviv Clinics have been clinically shown to naturally enhance recovery, reduce inflammation, improve tissue metabolism and increase oxygen supply to injured tissue, safely reducing downtime and allowing a faster return to the competitive arena.

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Dylan Hartley - Former Captain of the England National Rugby Team, Recovery Story

The Aviv Medical Program is helping athletes around the world perform at their peak potential.

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  • How the Aviv Medical Program Works?

    A 3-Step Process:

    In-depth assessment: A comprehensive three-day medical, physiological, and cognitive evaluation conducted by licensed medical staff, including physicians, psychologists, physiotherapists, physiologists and nurses.

    Customized treatment program: Your dedicated medical team will coach you through a personalized treatment plan that may include cognitive and physical training, nutrition coaching, and Aviv’s unique, evidence-based hyperbaric oxygen protocol.

    Measurable results: At the end of your treatment, we repeat many of the tests from the initial assessment to empirically measure your improvements and make recommendations for your ongoing progress.

    Speak with an Aviv team member to learn if you’re a candidate for the program.

Olympic Medalist and Judo World Champion Peter Paltchik Talks About the Aviv Protocol

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  • Evidence-based and Scientifically Backed

    Unlike other hyperbaric oxygen therapy options, the Aviv Medical Program incorporates a unique, evidence-based protocol that was developed by some of the world’s leading experts in hyperbaric medicine.

    The research found that HBOT enhances physical performance in healthy middle-age master athletes, including VO2max, power and VO2AT. The mechanisms may be related to significant improvements in mitochondrial respiration and increased mitochondrial mass.

    The research on the benefits of the Aviv protocol has been published in some of the most respected scientific journals available.

Dr. Joseph Maroon, Senior IronMan and World-renowned Neurosurgeon, Shares His Aviv Story

Achieve Peak Athletic Performance at Any Age

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  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy & Athletic Performance - FAQ

    The Aviv Medical Program takes a research-backed, holistic approach to enhance brain and body performance. The program’s therapies are designed to help improve cognitive and physical performance and wellbeing.

    Aviv Clinics begins with a comprehensive assessment to determine a personalized treatment program, which may involve nutritional coaching, cognitive training, physical training, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is one component of the Aviv Medical Program.

    Below, we answer several common questions about the benefits and considerations of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to promote health and well-being for athletes and their recovery.

Can hyperbaric oxygen therapy help my injury recovery?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been shown to aid in injury recovery, as it promotes healing and may reduce inflammation in the body’s tissues. HBOT can support the body’s natural healing processes. Studies show it is “promising in the recovery of injuries for high performance athletes” and is most helpful in the early recovery stages for an injury.

Can hyperbaric oxygen therapy help my muscle recovery?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has shown potential in aiding muscle recovery because it can enhance oxygen delivery to muscle tissues. This increase in oxygen supply enhances the body’s natural healing processes, potentially accelerating muscle recovery by  “accelerating cell recovery and tissue repair.” 

Can hyperbaric oxygen therapy improve endurance and stamina?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has the potential to improve endurance and stamina. HBOT increases the oxygen supply to tissues, which can indirectly support the body’s energy production for a sustained physical performance. Endurance and stamina are affected by various factors, including training, fitness level, and current health. 

Does hyperbaric oxygen therapy help with reducing inflammation?

Yes, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has shown promise for aiding in reducing inflammation. Research indicates that after exercise, HBOT treatment “can be effective in relieving exercise-induced inflammation” to support athletic recovery. This is because oxygen can help to generate energy and support cellular metabolism.

Can hyperbaric oxygen therapy accelerate the healing of sports injuries?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help to accelerate the recovery of various sports injuries. HBOT can enhance oxygen delivery to injured tissues, which can help to reduce inflammation, promote tissue regeneration, and support the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Is hyperbaric oxygen therapy effective for concussion or traumatic brain injury in athletes?

Studies suggest that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help with brain recovery and “induce brain neuroplasticity” in patients with a concussion or traumatic brain injury. HBOT can lead to improvements in cognitive function for athletes with concussions or TBIs, as its anti-inflammatory outcomes can support faster recovery in injured brain tissues.

Are there any specific conditions or injuries for which hyperbaric oxygen therapy is particularly beneficial for athletes?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has shown benefits for various conditions and injuries in athletes, including muscle soreness, soft tissue injuries, wound healing, and concussion or TBI. The efficacy can depend on the person’s circumstances and health status, which is why a personalized treatment program is most effective to enhance brain and body performance.

Is hyperbaric oxygen therapy only used as a treatment or can it be used for performance enhancement?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be used as a treatment modality and for brain and body performance enhancement. HBOT can help to enhance healing, accelerate recovery, promote tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and trigger the body’s natural healing processes. It can also improve stamina and endurance. It is best used as one component of a multidisciplinary treatment program.

How does hyperbaric oxygen therapy compare to other conventional treatments for athletes?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of many therapy options available to athletes, and its effectiveness can vary depending on the person, conditions, or circumstances being addressed. HBOT offers a noninvasive way to speed up and activate the body’s natural healing mechanisms on a cellular level, which can help to improve healing and performance. Other treatment options can include medication, physical therapy, surgery, rest, massage, and topical pain management ointments. 


Are there any success stories or testimonials from athletes who have undergone hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help to enhance physical performance to help athletes maximize their training, recovery, and general performance. The Aviv Medical Program, which may include HBOT, can help athletes achieve peak athletic performance. View the testimonials above to discover how hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help sports performance enhancement.

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