Help us change the experience of aging

At Aviv, our mission is to help maximize quality of life and vitality during the natural aging process. As we look to expand our network of clinics, we need innovative people to help us realize our potential. Our team of innovators is driven to truly make a difference. By joining Aviv, you’ll have the chance to shape how aging is perceived and experienced. It’s an opportunity to be among the first teammates in a well-established startup bringing life-changing innovation to the market – backed by research-based medical science.

  • image of Dave Globig, CEO
  • image of Dion Atchison, Head of Operations
  • image of Paul Moore, MHA, BSN, RN, CRRN, Clinical Program Manager
  • "I am so excited to join Aviv as we work to change the way people view the best years of their lives. We spend decades working and saving so that we can enjoy time with our families and our loved ones. We have the opportunity to help people live healthier, for longer."

    Dave Globig, CEO

  • "I’m thrilled to work at Aviv Clinics because I truly believe in the body’s natural ability to maintain itself given the proper environment – and Aviv practices hyperbaric medicine based on this principal. I’m also excited to work with a world-class team of physicians, leaders and caregivers challenging the way aging affects all of us, to improve life for people around the world."

    Dion Atchison, Head of Operations

  • "I joined Aviv to be on the leading edge of research and treatment that improves quality of life for our patients, and to learn and grow as a professional."

    Paul Moore, MHA, BSN, RN, CRRN, Clinical Program Manager