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Listen to the experienced clinical team at Aviv Clinics as they share their expertise on nutrition, cognitive wellness, physiotherapy, and novel applications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Members of the Aviv Clinics team are frequent guests on health-related podcasts.

Recent topics include new research on longevity and aging, TBI and post-concussion syndrome, chronic stroke, long COVID, and the Aviv Medical Program.

A Dive Into the Neurological Impact of Long COVID and HBOT

The chief medical research officer and head of research at Aviv Clinics Amir Hadanny, MD, PhD, discussed the impact of long COVID on patients and shared findings from a recently published study on using hyperbaric oxygen therapy protocol as a treatment for these patients.

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Revolutionizing PTSD Treatments with Neuro Research

In this episode, Paul Watson talks to Dr. Amir Hadanny about innovative Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and ongoing efforts to enhance this groundbreaking treatment for veteran and civilians’ dealing with PTSD, TBI, and other cognitive issues resulting from brain trauma.

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Air Force Combat Medic’s Journey to Recovery with Aviv

Retired USAF Combat Medic Crystal battled undiagnosed PTSD for years, dismissed by doctors after 14 deployments, including in Iraq. A move to Florida led her to Aviv Clinics’ veteran-focused study, where she found life-changing results. Listen to her unique path to healing.

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Recovery After Stroke - HBOT Case Study

An exclusive interview with Dr. Amir Hadanny on “Recovery After Stroke” Podcast. Dr Hadanny shares groundbreaking insights from a recent case study. Discover the remarkable improvements in a stroke survivor’s deficits after undergoing 60 daily sessions of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Improves Cognition with Dr. Shai Efrati

This episode of Longevity by Design features an exclusive interview with the founder and director of the Sagol Center, Dr. Shai Efrati. Dr. Efrati explains the science behind HBOT and how this treatment improves cognition. He details how oxygen fluctuations trigger the body’s regenerative processes within the brain. He also underscores the importance of precision and exactness in using medical-grade equipment for this treatment, cautioning against the use of at-home hyperbaric oxygen therapies.

Oxygen Therapy and Cellular Regeneration with Dr. Shai Efrati

Empowering Neurologist podcast by David Perlmutter, MD have the great honor of interviewing Dr. Shai Efrati, one of the global leaders in the application of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the treatment of stroke. Please enjoy this fascinating deep dive into the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

David Perlmutter, MD, FACN is a board-certified neurologist, Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, and five-time New York Times bestselling author.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Brain and Healthy Aging

Dr. Eeks chats with Dr. Joseph Maroon about hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), what it is, and how it is administered. He will explain why he believes it is beneficial for improving brain health, particularly for helping people recover from traumatic brain injuries, strokes and PTSD. Dr. Maroon will also explain how it can be used to promote healthy aging and describe his own experience with HBOT at Aviv Clinic, as well as how he uses it with his patients.

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Health and Healing Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Fearless Aging is about why and how to live a long healthy, fit, energetic and vital life and never be OLD at any age! Dr. Hadanny talks about the science and benefits of HBOT and their clinic’s new protocol that is getting great results.

Live Better with Aaron Tribby

Erica Spiegelman speaks to Aaron Tribby, head of physiology for ⁠Aviv Clinics⁠, where he is responsible for managing a team of physiologists, physical therapists, dietitians, and stress technicians. Aaron will talk about how Aviv Clinics helps people improve their lifestyle, physical and cognitive performance, and live their best lives as they age. Aaron will talk about hyperbaric oxygen as a core therapy used at Aviv.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Traumatic Brain Injury

Dr. Amir Hadanny, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Research at Aviv Clinics returns to The Sports Doctor along with Jessica Beal Stahl, Clinical Sports Pharmacist & Olympic weightlifter to discuss TBI, conclusions and post-concussion syndrome (PCS) and new treatment options using unique protocol of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 

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Can Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Boost Health?

Leaps.org – Making Sense of Science spoke with Shai Efrati, a physician and professor in the schools of medicine and neuroscience at Tel Aviv University, about the potential health benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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Reversing the biological markers of aging

When it comes to longevity, and not just our lifespan but our health span, what’s next is beyond exciting. Researchers from Tel Aviv University used hyperbaric oxygen chambers to target what has been referred to as the “human biological clock” and for the first time, showed success in reversing the biological markers of aging.

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Groundbreaking New Hope For Long-haulers

A groundbreaking new study from Tel Aviv University, the first of its kind in the world, found a promising treatment for long-term COVID-19 symptoms, based on advanced Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). Long COVID, which affects up to 30% of patients infected by the COVID-19 virus, is characterized by a range of debilitating cognitive symptoms such as inability to concentrate, brain fog, forgetfulness and difficulty recalling words or thoughts – persisting for more than three months, and sometimes up to two years.

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A Holistic, Comprehensive Approach to Health and Human Performance

In this episode of the Brawn Body Health and Fitness Podcast – Dan is joined by Tim Bream and Dr. Mohammed Elamir to discuss Aviv Clinics in Florida and how they incorporate an interdisciplinary, holistic, comprehensive care model to tackle overall health and human performance.

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More Poof Hyperbaric Oxygen Heals PTSD

Is the cure for PTSD, and other mental health issues like depression? This week we look another example of how Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is successfully treating PTSD in veterans. We hear the story of Retired Army Colonel Andy Smith and the treatment he received from Dr. Mohammed Elamir, at the Aviv Clinics, in The Villages retirement community in central Florida.

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Treating TBI and Concussion with Aviv

Treating TBI and Concussion by Healing the Brain with Dr. Mohammed Elamir, Aviv Clinics physician.

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What is Aviv Clinics?

Aaron Tribby joins the Trulyfit Podcast and discusses Aviv Clinics. Aaron is the Head of Physical Performance for Aviv Clinics, where he is responsible for managing a team of physiologists, physical therapists, dietitians, and stress technicians. Aviv Clinics Golf Program will be the focus of this conversation. How it fuses with the overall larger clinic, what to expect as a client and the science behind their techniques. Aviv Clinics is the first hyperbaric medical treatment center of its kind in North America dedicated to improving brain performance.

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Enhance Your Brain and Physical Health

Most of us agree cognitive and physical decline are part of the aging process. But what if we had a way to slow or even reverse this process?Aviv Clinics Florida delivers a highly effective personalized protocol to enhance performance in the aging brain and body via the Aviv Medical Program.  BI talk with Physiologist Aaron Tribby, head of Physical Performance for Aviv Clinics, the first hyperbaric medical treatment center of its kind in North America dedicated to improving brain.

Living Well with Robin Stoloff

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Dr. Shai Efrati joins Dr. Roizen to talk all about his innovative hyperbaric oxygen treatment and the Hyper-Hypoxic Paradox. Dr. Efrati’s research focuses on novel aspects of hyperbaric medicine and brain rehabilitation.

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Meet The Scientists Trying to Reverse Aging

While the world wrestles with the coronavirus and climate change, there’s another challenge facing humanity: Aging. As we live longer lives, more of our final years are marked by poor health, which means increased suffering and higher healthcare bills. But some scientists believe we might be able to solve this problem, and make later life more enjoyable.

You Are More Than A Three Digit Number

“We simply need to change our relationship with food… being healthy is more than a scale weight, more than just living as long as we can”.
In this episode – Dietitian, Kathryn Parker from the Aviv Clinics will discuss “healthspan”.

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If you’ve experienced cognitive or physical decline due to aging or disease, we may be able to help.