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Asking “What Can HBOT Treat?” Is Like Asking Why Oxygen Matters

by Aviv Clinics
October 6, 2022

Every time you take a breath, your body receives vital oxygen, which helps it to grow, function, and convert the food you eat into energy. Oxygen is also vital in cellular function and brain activity. 

But inhalation isn’t always enough to supply the body with the oxygen needed for optimal functionality and healing. Learn more about how to regulate and elevate the oxygen in your body, as well as how treatment options can resolve ongoing health conditions and symptoms.

What Is HBOT? 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a process that elevates the amount of oxygen in the body. 

Patients breathe in 100% oxygen in a pressurized environment, which can help: 

  • Increase the amount of oxygen in the blood  
  • Regenerate damaged tissue to heal faster

In other words, HBOT can help patients live healthier and happier lives.

Why People Seek Out HBOT

Patrick Bol experienced lingering symptoms of COVID that extended well beyond the expected recovery period. Watch Patrick’s journey below! 

While Patrick turned to Aviv for relief of his long COVID symptoms, the Aviv Medical Program, which can include HBOT, offers a clinically-tested treatment option for a number of conditions.

14-year-old Linden Perry suffered post-concussion syndrome after multiple concussions sustained while playing basketball and soccer. 

74-year-old Trice Hirr couldn’t get back to her competitive swimming speed because of a history of injuries and a hip replacement. 

Lyndi Scott-Strite suffered from symptoms of Lyme disease, which made her step back from her usual activities and routine.

The stress from her husband’s illness put pressure on Zizi McKinnon’s mental and physical health. 

This common thread that binds these individuals is not just about health—it’s about taking control of their minds and bodies to help them live life the way they want. No one deserves to live an average life, plagued with discomfort or health problems. 

Living a full and active life comes down to finding the right team of medical professionals, and you’ve come to the right place. Aviv Clinics is here to support you in your journey back to optimal health.

The Aviv Medical Program treatment can include hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We are proud to offer HBOT as a part of our program to help patients finally experience relief from a range of conditions, so they can start living their life to the fullest again. This could be you.



Why Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Matter?

HBOT revitalizes your body by increasing the oxygen concentration in the body. For wound healing, it delivers oxygen-rich plasma to areas that have been slow to heal. 

Whether you’re experiencing a decline in sports performance or lingering symptoms from an illness or injury that occurred months or even years ago, your physician may determine HBOT to be a beneficial component of your treatment plan. 

“With a chronic illness, it can feel like you’re done living…I feel like I am myself again.” Lyndi Scott-Strite, former Aviv patient

“[The Aviv Medical Program] was more for a survival perspective. I wanted to keep my job. I wanted to keep on living. I wanted to keep being an outdoors person and be there for my family.”  Patrick Bol, former Aviv patient

HBOT: A Research-Backed Therapy Program

Oxygen and HBOT are at the forefront of innovative medical research. And for good reason—every tissue and cell in our bodies need a constant supply of oxygen to work properly. 

Oxygen also serves the following functions in the human body: 

HBOT has been used since the 1800s, which demonstrates its longevity and effectiveness over the years. Aviv uses advanced and unique HBOT technology to deliver safe and secure medical treatments. Decades of research illustrate that HBOT may help people suffering from a variety of health conditions, including:

  • Stroke
  • Post-Concussion syndrome 
  • Lyme disease 
  • Long COVID
  • Concussion and TBI (traumatic brain injury)
  • PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • MCI (mild cognitive impairment)

How Does HBOT Work? 

Here’s what to expect during your HBOT journey as a part of the Aviv Medical Program: 

1. You’ll enter a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. This spacious HBOT chamber feels similar to the business class section on an airplane. You’ll sit comfortably and breathe through a custom-fitted oxygen mask. Patients generally don’t feel anything during this process. Most play brain exercise games on a tablet during their HBOT sessions. Others listen to podcasts or learn a new language.

Entering Aviv Clinic's Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

2. You’ll rotate between breathing through the mask and breathing air. During the HBOT treatment, you will alternate between breathing 100% pure oxygen and medical-grade air. Our medical staff will help you prepare for HBOT before your first session.

Woman recieving treatment in Aviv Hyperbaric oxygen chamber

3. You’ll come back for repeated HBOT sessions. Most of our patients complete roughly 60 sessions altogether, but your Aviv Clinics physician will determine the treatment plan that’s right for you. Medical staff will be in the oxygen chamber with you at all times to ensure your comfort and that the process goes smoothly. At the end of your treatment, you’ll receive detailed before-and-after reports that outline your progress. 

returning to hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment

Aviv’s Holistic Approach

A holistic approach to recovery can include HBOT coupled with additional therapies for a more comprehensive treatment. Your holistic plan may include: 

  • HBOT
  • Cognitive training
  • Physical training
  • Nutritional coaching 

Our holistic medical protocol delivers incredible results, which are often greater than what research studies illustrate. Each body ages and functions differently, so it’s imperative that your plan is uniquely your own. 

“At your beck and call, you have a physician, dietitian, physical therapist… so many professional people who will help you. What came out was a plan for me—just for me.”  ZiZi McKinnon, former Aviv patient

“You get to work with everybody from the neurologist who works with you on brain games to the dietitian who helps you with your diet. For Lyme disease, that’s extremely important.” Lyndi Scott-Strite, former Aviv patient

If you believe that you or a loved one would benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Florida as part of the Aviv Medical Program, contact our team of certified medical professionals today. Contact Us!

How Long Does HBOT Take to See Results? 

Most people see improvement from the Aviv Medical Program very early in the 8-12 weeks of therapy and see medically verifiable results at the end of their treatment. This time frame allows the body to begin maximizing its ability to regenerate cells and blood vessels. 

Keep in mind, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. You’ll receive your own unique, holistic therapy plan that can include HBOT, so outcomes and timelines will vary. 

We’ve had patients who were amazed at how much more weight they can lift at the gym, how they can think through and remember things more clearly, and how energetic they feel each day.

Aviv Clinics provides objective data during your treatment plan to assess your oxygen levels and brain output before and after implementing HBOT coupled with other therapies. Our ability to quantify your health plan is ultimately what can give you hope. 

How Long Do the Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Last

We strive for long-lasting effects of the Aviv Medical Program for every patient. Our relationship with you does not stop at the end of your plan timeline. We’ll send you off with a wearable device and continue to check in with you and send reports on your health and performance. 

“I’m five months after the program, and I really do feel a lot calmer. I’ve been able to think through things more clearly. Before I was losing confidence, I was in a panic… now I plan to tap dance until I’m 120 years old!”  ZiZi McKinnon, former Aviv patient

HBOT for Various Conditions 

HBOT can bring hope to those dealing with various unique medical challenges. Here are some conditions Aviv can help you fight.


Researchers discovered HBOT may improve signs of aging by: 

  • Improving cognitive function, specifically attention span, information processing, multitasking, and memory,
  • Lowering the number of cells responsible for aging,
  • Increasing telomere length.

SPECT brain scan images of anti-aging before and after HBOT trials suggest positive effects of HBOT on aging. 


One research study suggests HBOT can significantly improve post-stroke conditions. Study participants described an improved quality of life. When combined with proper nutrition, exercise, and regular assessments, HBOT may help post-stroke patients regain their speech, motor functions, and independence in performing day-to-day tasks. 

Mild Cognitive Decline

HBOT’s ability to increase blood flow to the brain shows promise in improving memory function. The number of brain vessels naturally declines with age, and HBOT can help lessen this effect. One study suggests that HBOT can help combat memory loss and reverse early biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS)

Approximately 30-40% of those who suffer concussions or traumatic brain injuries experience lingering symptoms. This condition is called post-concussion syndrome (PCS) or persistent post-concussive syndrome (PPCS) and merits careful medical attention.

While the brain is an impressive organ with millions of capabilities, sometimes it needs intervention and treatment to fully heal and function at its best. Studies indicate HBOT may improve PCS, even years after a mild traumatic brain injury event.

“I’ve noticed that my balance, which was really thrown off when I first got [to Aviv], is coming back now.” Linden Perry, PCS survivor and Aviv Clinics patient

Lyme Disease

Chronic Lyme disease is one of the most challenging illnesses to recover from. Patients often receive little relief from antibiotic-heavy therapies. Luckily, recent research suggests that HBOT may improve symptoms of Lyme disease in patients who have taken antibiotics for at least 10 years. 

“I now have a solution. I have a way to get back to this place where I’m feeling energized, I’m feeling vital, I’m feeling like I can take on the world again.” Lyndi Scott-Strite, Lyme disease survivor and Aviv Clinics patient


In one research study, fibromyalgia patients who underwent HBOT sessions five days per week over 12 weeks experienced less chronic pain. Further research needs to be conducted, but these early studies suggest that HBOT may help fibromyalgia patients live a more comfortable life.

Start Your Healing Journey with Aviv

If you’re looking for answers and solutions to your challenging medical conditions, reach out to the Aviv staff. You’ll speak directly to a member of our comprehensive team of certified medical specialists. During your first call, we’ll discuss your medical background to determine if the Aviv Medical Program may be right for you.  

As Dr. Mohammed Elamir, MD, FACP, puts it: “The Aviv Medical Program can be successful because it addresses the cause of the symptoms, not just the symptoms alone. In combination with cognitive, physical, and nutritional coaching, some HBOT protocols can be very effective.”

Contact our HBOT Florida medical professionals to talk about how you can incorporate hyperbaric oxygen therapy benefits into your healing and relief journey.

Aviv Medical Program provides you with a unique opportunity to invest in your health while you age.

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