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Cebert Seminar: Brunch & Learn – Control the Cost of Your Healthcare

Cebert Wealth location 2765 Brownwood Blvd, The Villages, FL

How much do you think you’ve spent on healthcare in your lifetime? You may be shocked to learn that the average person will spend nearly $170,000 dollars on standard medical expenses in their lifetime, and the majority of these expenses come after turning 65. But like any good investment, investing in your health can pay […]

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Lunch & Learn – The Science of Creating Health: Restoring Balance without Disease

Cebert Wealth location 2765 Brownwood Blvd, The Villages, FL

Amazing scientific advancements over the last century have greatly extended our life expectancy, but living longer doesn’t necessarily mean we’re living better. The largest risk factor for many diseases is aging. How can we live longer without worry of heart attacks, strokes, type two diabetes, and other chronic conditions? Join the clinicians from Aviv Clinics […]

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