Finally, Treatment Options for Long COVID Symptoms

Fatigue, brain fog, forgetfulness, loss of focus and sleep...

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A New Era of Aging

Be at your best, whatever your age. Transform brain and body performance with the Aviv Medical Program from Aviv Clinics.

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Why Live with Post-concussion Syndrome? Treat it.

A concussion can have lasting impacts. It’s never too late to treat the symptoms.

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Advanced Treatment for Stroke Symptoms

The Aviv Medical Program can produce real results for stroke survivors.

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New Long-COVID Research

Several new research studies are helping clinicians better understand COVID-19’s impact on the brain and body.

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Discover Aviv Clinics' Hope for Long COVID

Aviv Clinics
Treats a Variety of Health Conditions

A series of independent clinical studies has proven that the Aviv protocol can treat the symptoms of a variety of health conditions including: Cognitive decline, Long-COVID, Post Stroke, Traumatic brain injuries, Post Concussions Syndrome, Lyme disease, PTSD and Fibromyalgia.

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New Horizons in the Science of Aging

Brain Performance

Your brain needs oxygen to perform at its best. But as we age, our bodies become less efficient at channeling oxygen.
The Aviv Medical Program, built around scientifically tested Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) treatment protocols, boosts your body’s access to oxygen to enhance brain and body performance.

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Brain Performance

Pioneered by
Dr. Shai Efrati

The Aviv Medical Program is based on over a decade of research and development. It has been created by the Aviv team under the scientific leadership of Dr. Shai Efrati, MD – Director of the world-leading Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research at the Shamir Medical Center in Israel.

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The Aviv Medical Program:

We’ve designed a comprehensive program which includes HBOT treatment, cognitive and physical training and nutritional coaching, to help you maximize your performance and be at your best, at any age.

  • Assessments


    The Aviv Aging Assessment Battery comprises the world’s most comprehensive physical and cognitive testing.

  • Treatments


    An intensive 12-week protocol of HBOT sessions, enhanced by cognitive and physical training, and a personalized nutritional program.

  • Analysis


    Your personalized treatment plan is based on complex assessments and comprehensive medical records.

  • Follow-up


    The Aviv Wearable Device allows you to continue monitoring your performance after treatment, and Aviv will continue to share feedback with you.

  • image of Eti Shelach, 75
  • image of Raz Hochman, 66
  • image of Debbie Trubowitch Cohn, 59
  • image of Gur Shomron, 67
  • image of Avi Rabinowitz, 79
  • "Before the treatment, my energy levels were very low. I’d lost my vitality, and had stopped doing the things I loved. I truly felt that my aging was becoming a roadblock to living my life with the vitality I used to. The treatment was a turning point in my life – it triggered me to build a new daily routine. The combination of cognition, nutrition and physio made it feel a truly comprehensive experience."

    Eti Shelach, 75

  • "I’m an analytical person, used to thinking fast. Suddenly, I noticed I was having to dedicate more effort to solving problems. Today, after the treatment, I see solutions more clearly, as my thoughts have simply become sharper. I also play tennis, and I’ve noticed my performance is better after the treatment. I have a renewed source of energy to do things."

    Raz Hochman, 66

  • "Before the treatment, I was physically and emotionally worn down. I had withdrawn from my active life and felt skeptical about my prospects. That all changed after my HBOT treatment. I felt ‘seen’ for the first time and was astounded by the cooperative, integrative and thoughtful approach of all the Aviv medical staff. My energy and cognitive skills slowly returned and dramatically improved. For me, it was a life-changing experience."

    Debbie Trubowitch Cohn, 59

  • "I started the treatment when I felt the beginning of cognitive deterioration. The results were positively surprising. I work with brilliant entrepreneurs and I need high-level capabilities to keep up with them. This treatment allows you to run along with clever people, to go back in time with your brain abilities. The objective tests showed significant improvement, and I feel it in my daily activity. It changed my life."

    Gur Shomron, 67

  • "You go in healthy and come out even healthier. I feel significant cognitive improvement. I practice with Lumosity and it shows my improvement: Before the treatment, I could only memorize three items, but after the treatment, I can memorize eight. So I certainly feel the improvement in memory and as a result, also in my self-confidence. I can also see a significant improvement physically when I train in the gym."

    Avi Rabinowitz, 79

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