New hope for veterans suffering from treatment-resistant PTSD

Researchers from Tel Aviv University and Israel’s Shamir Medical Center were able to successfully relieve the symptoms of PTSD in military combat veterans, using a unique protocol of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

The new study shows all PTSD symptoms, including intrusive symptoms like avoidance, cognition, mood changes, and depression, were improved using the unique HBOT protocol treatment.

In the News:

The revolutionary study included combat veterans with treatment-resistant PTSD who tried medications and psychotherapy for years with no relief.

After years of suffering, participants in the study were finally able to leave the horrors behind and look forward to a better future.

The unique treatment protocol used in the study is available now at Aviv Clinics in Central Florida.


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Emotional Trauma Can Cause Real Biological Damage

Prof. Efrati who led the research said:

“Today, we understand that treatment-resistant PTSD is caused by a biological wound in brain tissues, which obstructs attempts at psychological and psychiatric treatments.” 

“With the new hyperbaric oxygen therapy protocols, we can activate mechanisms that repair the wounded brain tissue. The treatment induces reactivation and proliferation of stem cells, as well as generation of new blood vessels and increased brain activity, ultimately restoring the functionality of the wounded tissues. Our study paves the way to a better understanding of the connection between mind and body.”

The treatment protocol used in the study is available now at Aviv Clinics in central Florida.
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