Aaron Tribby, MS

Physical Performance Lead


  • Skilled exercise physiologist, coach, leader, and researcher with experience in nonprofit healthcare systems and private sector wellness.
  • Demonstrated expertise in exercise strategies, the musculoskeletal system, nutrition principles, and health and wellness programming.
  • Expertise in conducting body/performance assessments, including body composition analysis, anaerobic, muscle performance and exercise testing, and cognitive function analysis.


  • Master of Science (MS) in Exercise Physiology – Wichita State University
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in Exercise Science – Rockhurst University

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  • "The most rewarding aspect about working at Aviv is being able to work with clients to determine the root causes that drive their symptoms, and seeing clients make significant progress and improvements that will impact their quality of life for the positive. I believe our holistic approach offers an example of how all patients should be treated when entering any healthcare system."

    Aaron Tribby

About Aaron Tribby:

As Aviv Clinics’ physical performance lead, Aaron Tribby is responsible for the development and ongoing management of physical performance team operations, which encompasses physical therapy, exercise physiology, athletic training, and nutrition services. Aaron also carries a client caseload that consists of assessing physical performance through pulmonary function tests, VO2 max exercise tests, gait evaluations, joint range of motion testing, balance tests, and movement evaluations. These evaluations allow Aaron and his team to create tailored, individualized exercise prescriptions for each client.

Aaron has served in his role at Aviv Clinics since February 2020. Prior to joining Aviv, he gained experience in various positions at Mercy, helping to develop, establish and eventually lead the health and wellness program at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, MO. As Operations Manager at Mercy, he managed the hospital’s corporate health, and employee wellness departments, as well as the mobile mammogram program.

Although Aaron originally planned on becoming a physical therapist, he shifted his focus to exercise physiology while in school.  He has a passion for working with others and a commitment to clinical excellence. Aaron chose to come to Aviv Clinics for the opportunity to be a part of an organization that impact change and revolutionize what the healthcare system in the United States looks like in the future.  In his free time, Aaron enjoys exercising, fishing, and spending quality time with his wife, kids, and dogs.

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