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Golf is the ultimate mind game. Stay focused and attentive by minimizing distractions and concentrating on what’s important—the next stroke. This quick guide is designed to give golfers five easy steps to build on-par focus. The companion phone lock screen is your real-time reminder to keep your mind on your game, and not on your notifications.

Our guide and lock screen were developed with a neuropsychologist and an exercise physiologist specializing in brain health and performance. They are simple, yet effective tools for overcoming the tremendous mental challenge presented by the game of golf.

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Connect Mind and Body

Golf requires your mind and body to perform in sync. Staying sharp on the course means developing your focus, not just your swing mechanics. Just as you visualize your swing beforehand, review this guide before you hit the green to cue and prepare your brain for the task ahead.

Play with Consistency

Does every swing seem like a guessing game when it comes to your performance? Keeping your focus on the shot can help improve your consistency. Eliminating distractions is a simple, yet challenging, habit to develop. Phone notifications are destructive to your focus because they divide your attention. Our lock screen is a gentle and effective reminder to put away your phone and stay in the game. Use these focus tools to achieve better results and play your best game.

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